Ghosted Coming to Apple TV+ This Friday


2023 has quite a lot of upcoming movies (spanning multiple genres) for viewers to be excited about. From Insidious 5 to Barbie and Fast X, just about anyone who loves movies can find at least one to look forward to.

Many of these films are

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going to be on the big screen in movie theaters. Though others, such as The Mother, which stars Jennifer Lopez, will be on various streaming services. With the rise of outlets like Hulu, Netflix, Max, etc., more films will likely appear on these platforms.

While some people do love the idea of going to the movies and watching a film on the big screen, others remain more inclined to simply stream their favored movies from the comfort of their own homes.

One film that is upcoming and generating a lot of buzz is none other than Ghosted.

What all viewers should know about Ghosted

Ghosted features movie stars Ana de Armas and Chris Evans, who both previously worked together in The Grey Man and Knives Out. Armas portrays Sadie, who ends up “ghosting” Evans’ Cole after the pair go on a date together.