Rand Paul thinks Supreme Court will likely strike down Trump’s national emergency declaration


Republican Senator Rand Paul believes the Supreme Court will strike down President Donald Trump’s national emergency declaration to spend $8 billion to build a border wall.

In an op-ed published on Fox News Sunday, Paul stated that he supported Trump in his fight to obtain funding for the border wall. However, he cannot support the President’s executive action bypassing the Congress’ power of the purse.

“I support President Trump. I supported his fight to get funding for the wall…and I share his view that we need more and better border security. However, I cannot support the use of emergency powers to get more funding, so I will be voting to disapprove of his declaration when it comes before the Senate,” wrote Paul.

Additionally, Paul stressed, “I will stand up for the Constitution, the rule of law, and the system of checks and balances we have — under Republicans and Democrats.”

“We spent the last two months debating how much money should be spent on a wall, and Congress came to a clear conclusion: $1.3 billion. Without question, the president’s order for more wall money contradicts the will of Congress and will, in all likelihood, be struck down by the Supreme Court.”

Paul encourages Republicans to stand up against Trump’s executive action

The Republican Senator also thinks Trump’s Supreme Court picks, Justices Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh will “rebuke him on this.”

Furthermore, Paul said the President is “wrong in seeking to expand the powers of the presidency beyond their constitutional limits.”

Moreover, he noted that Republicans criticized former President Barack Obama when he used executive powers to legislate. They were right then and must do the same today.

Paul emphasized that the “only way to be an honest officeholder is to stand up for the same principles no matter who is in power.” His “oath is to the Constitution and not to any man or political party.”

Paul is the fourth GOP Senator to express disapproval of Trump’s national emergency declaration. Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, and Thom Tillis already stated that they will support a resolution rejecting the President’s executive action.