Grindr Sued For Allegedly Revealing Health Information of Users


Launched in 2009, Grindr is a dating service that’s enjoyed mainly by gay or bisexual men and the transgender community. The app helps people connect with one another by using the GPS on their mobile devices to pinpoint close matches.

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Some individuals have the app to simply chat with nearby connections. Others rely on Grindr for in-person meet-ups, finding relationships, or even hooking up. Whatever the case may be, the app has been around for quite some time and it’s done fairly well among its demographic(s) of users.

However, this could quickly be changing. Grindr currently faces a lawsuit from plaintiffs who accuse the dating service of sharing users’ personal information with advertisers.

These are some serious accusations

The lawsuit against Grindr isn’t based here in America, but is instead playing out in the United Kingdom.

According to the plaintiffs involved, the company transgressed data protection regulations by giving advertisers full access to Grindr users’ HIV status, sexual orientation, and intimate life details. Individuals suing the company also say they never consented to advertisers getting access to such personal information.