Scotland Rallies Around End-of-Life Assistance For the Terminally Ill


From cancer to dementia, kidney disease, and much more, there are all sorts of medical complications that can eventually engender terminal illness in individuals.

Typically, when someone learns they have an incurable disease with no hope for recovery, they suffer not just physically, but also mentally and emotionally. No one ever wants to get this news, especially when there are things they still want to do with their lives.

Various cases of terminal illness have ultimately led to debates about whether or not individuals in this boat have the right to end their own lives. While some countries like Canada embrace end-of-life assistance or assisted suicide, the practice remains outlawed in other nations.

However, in Scotland, citizens have shown considerable support for helping the terminally ill end their own lives if this is what they want.

A groundbreaking new YouGov poll

In a brand new poll by YouGov, 77% of Scottish residents support a bill that would permit helping terminally ill individuals end their lives, instead of them having to suffer and die in a drawn-out and often painful way.