Sean Hannity Tears into the “Anti-Trump Mob”


The Russia investigation reached its conclusion earlier this year. However, in spite of Mueller’s probe results, many members of the left-wing still cannot let it go.

This is something which has annoyed many conservatives and other members of the right-wing. Earlier tonight, Fox News‘ Sean Hannity shared his thoughts on this matter.

Hannity’s Statements on the Russia Investigation Conclusion and More

Hannity provided his remarks about the Democrats’ refusal to let go of the Russia probe during his TV show’s opening statements.

In Hannity’s own words:

“The Russian hoax is now in the rearview mirror; Mueller’s investigation is over. Anything you hear going forward – that is only noise. Their conspiracies about Russia are not even on life support at this time. It’s dead, it’s buried, and it’s not coming back.”

Hannity’s sentiments echo those of many conservatives who are tired of hearing about the Mueller probe from the left-wing.

Claims Regarding Obstruction of Justice

Since the conclusion of the Mueller probe, the president’s adversaries have selected a different lane. Before, Democrats claimed that Trump colluded with the Russian government in order to defeat Hillary Clinton in 2016.

This is now a proven falsehood; therefore, Trump’s advarsaries maintain that he may have obstructed justice during the Russia investigation. It’s worth noting that Mueller neither confirmed or denied claims that the president obstructed justice. For what it’s worth, Trump has rejected these newfound claims.

However, the lack of a confirmation or denial has not stopped Democrats. As a matter of fact, obstruction of justice claims have renewed Democrats’ calls for impeaching President Trump. Since the probe, Trump’s adversaries furthermore attempted to gain access to his tax returns, personal financial documents, and business documentation.

The 2020 Presidential Election

Talks stemming from the Russia investigation remain ongoing as the 2020 presidential election gets closer and closer. Some Americans have speculated about whether or not these conversations will hurt or help Democrats as they attempt to defeat President Trump.

Thus far, Democrats have yet to relent on claims that the president obstructed justice during the Mueller investigation. Only time will tell whether this changes in the weeks or months to come.