Seattle Police Force Could Get Much Smaller Due to COVID Vaccine Mandate


COVID vaccine mandates are beginning to run into some issues. For the most part, Democrats and health officials have rallied behind the notion that implementing mandates will ultimately drive up vaccination rates.

However, people with this outlook underestimated the will and grit of the American people. For starters, first responders across the nation are standing up and refusing to bow down to vaccine mandates. Nurses and other health officials have also chosen the loss of their jobs over taking the COVID vaccine.

This push to simply strongarm and railroad people into getting the COVID vaccine is not a good idea. The more these mandates are rolled out, the more Americans are willing to stand up against them.

The situation in Seattle

Seattle, Washington is in a unique position…and not in a good way. In 2020, the Seattle police department lost 300 officers because of the city’s not so bright idea to defund the police.

However, the leftist city has apparently not learned anything from this. Not too long ago, the left-wing mayor of Seattle announced a citywide COVID vaccine mandate. Of course, this mandate extends to police officers.