Senate Filibuster Now in Biden’s Line of Fire


Right now, Democrats have failed to “restructure” or eliminate the filibuster. This is because of moderate Democrats like Sens. Kyrsten Sinema and Joe Manchin. However, Biden recently announced to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer that he’ll put pressure on Sinema and Manchin to get on board with ending the filibuster.

Leftist lies about the filibuster

Since taking over the Senate and House, Democrats have spread one lie after the other about the filibuster; however, the most egregious lie of all asserts that the filibuster is a manifestation of racism.

Democrats had no issues using the filibuster during the Trump presidency when Republicans controlled the Senate and House. Democrats also showed no qualms about the filibuster when it helped them stop GOP agendas from making their way through Congress.

The only reason Democrats are against the filibuster now is because it doesn’t work in their favor as the majority party in Congress. This has nothing to do with taking a stand against racism, despite claims otherwise from leftists. The work to end the filibuster is about a leftist push for more power, nothing else.