Senate Filibuster Now in Biden’s Line of Fire


Democrats are on a warpath to clutch even more power, despite the ramifications. Since Biden’s installment as president, Democrats have plotted various ways to gain more control.

They’ve pushed through lockdowns and now they’re trying to force businesses to implement COVID vaccine mandates. At the same time, Democrats want to expand the Supreme Court by stuffing it with liberal justices.

Another key plan of the left entails taking an ax to the Senate filibuster. Democrats know that right now, the Senate filibuster is the only thing standing between the United States and a radical socialist agenda.

This is why President Biden recently announced that the filibuster is in his line of fire.

Biden’s war against the filibuster

Right now, Democrats are deadset on passing a bill known as For the People Act. This legislation is not, in fact, “for the people’; it’s for Democrats to have a path to completely take over and restructure U.S. elections forever.

This is why the bill nullifies voter ID requirements. It’s also why For the People Act forces states out of managing their own elections and furthermore hands the power over to the federal government. Democrats’ interest in completely restructuring elections moreover explains why For the People Act lauders taxpayer dollars into Democrats’ political campaigns.