Senate to Hear Ford and Kavanaugh Testimony Today


The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear testimony today from Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser Christine Blasey Ford. Ford says Kavanaugh sexually assaulted her while the two were in high school.

What’s at Stake

Kavanaugh is not being tried criminally. He does need to prove to the Senate that he’s fit for duty on the Supreme Court.

Ford’s Allegations

Ford has requested that only a few journalists be present for the hearing. During the hearing, she will describe her account of what happened. She claims that she and Kavanaugh were at a high school party. Kavanaugh supposedly forced her into a room and groped her. She says he covered her mouth when she tried to scream. The incident ended when another classmate entered the room.

Kavanaugh’s Response

Kavanaugh denies ever sexually assaulting anyone. He claims that he wasn’t even at the party Ford is referring to. Two men testified Wednesday that, in fact, they were involved in the incident, not Kavanaugh.

The Hearing

Ford will testify first. She can take as much time as she wants. Kavanaugh will then respond, taking as much time as he wants. The senators will each then have the opportunity to ask both of them questions for five minutes. There are 11 Republican senators and 10 Democratic senators on the committee.