Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer Slams President Trump Over Southern Border Wall


Earlier today, Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer stated that President’s Trump push for a border wall may inadvertently cause a government shutdown, as reported by The Hill.

Schumer on President Trump and the Border Wall

The Senate Minority Leader’s remarks strongly expressed his aversion to both President Trump and the border wall:

If the President goes down that path and insists on the wall or shut down the government, which he said back in September, make no mistake about it, a government shutdown will fall entirely, entirely on his shoulders.

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Schumer’s assertions are not new or unheard of. Many Democrats have strongly criticized the President’s calls for a border wall since their inception. However, President Trump’s moves to fund and create the aforesaid wall have not wavered.

The Senate Minority Leader then opined that a Southern border wall serves as an ineffective measure:

President Trump is fighting for an empty symbol rather than smart policy that will actually produce better security at our borders. A medieval wall that you can’t see through across the length of the southern border will not make us any safer.

More on the Border Wall

The creation of a wall along the Southern border intended to halt illegal immigration was a central theme of President Trump’s campaign. While many of his critics have slammed the wall as inhumane, xenophobic, etc, the majority of the President’s supporters love the idea.