Senators McCain and Whitehouse urge Supreme Court to protect elections from gerrymandering


In their friends-of-the court brief, the senators wrote, “Americans do not like gerrymandering. They see its mischief.”

Additionally, they see that the sense of powerlessness and discouragement among Americans increased. As a result, the “crisis of confidence” in the country’s democracy is “deepening.”

According to Mccain and Whitehouse, “We share this perspective. From our vantage point, we see wasted votes and silenced voices. We see hidden power. And we see a correctable problem,”

The senators ask Supreme Court to return control of elections to people

In separate statement, the senators reiterated that gerrymandering is a tool for rigging the political system to favor special interests.

According to them, the American democracy must reflect the will of the people. Elections must belong to the people.

McCain and Whitehouse requested the Supreme Court to “adopt a new standard for assessing the constitutionality of partisan gerrymandering.”  They implored the highest court to return the control of elections to people.