From sex games to hookers, Florida’s legislators just can’t stop making fools of themselves.


Earlier this month, USA Herald reported here that like a Cornell University fraternity, many of the boys of the Florida House of Representatives were playing sex games, earning points for having sex with aides, lobbyists, Senators and even more points for married Senators.

As appalling as these revelations were, they may take a back seat to last week’s shocker that our hard-working legislators have gone from earning points for sex to simply paying for sex.

Florida Politics reported here that Florida resident Melissa Villar was confident enough in her story to offer the testimony to a legislative committee telling the Representatives that despite their disbelief, she knew it was true because the woman who ran the operation had the names of many elected officials because they used their credit cards for payment.

Only time will tell if any of these names will surface to confirm a prostitution ring exists either directly or through myriad other ongoing Tallahassee investigations.

Years ago, President Bill Clinton lowered the bar about as low as it could go for standards of decency for elected officials.  It appears that Florida’s Republican legislators are doing their best to dethrone Clinton as the King of inappropriate behavior.