Skywatchers: Da Vinci Glow Illuminates the Moon in the night sky


An awe-inspiring phenomenon known as the ‘Da Vinci glow’ or Earthshine will grace the night skies until May 25. And it will provide stargazers with an awesome celestial spectacle.

The ethereal light, named after the visionary artist and scientist Leonardo Da Vinci, illuminates the dark shadowy parts of the crescent moon.

Witnessing the Da Vinci Glow

As long as the sky is clear, viewers see Earthshine in the eastern sky from May 15 to May 17.

This occurs before sunrise, with the Moon experiencing its lowest illumination of seven percent on Wednesday.

According to LiveScience Earthshine can also be viewed in the western sky from May 21 to May 23, with a 5-percent illuminated Moon on Sunday.

Viewers have the opportunity to witness the ‘Da Vinci glow’ during the week leading up to and following the upcoming New Moon on May 19. 

The best chances of observing this spectacle occur when a thin crescent moon is visible close to the horizon. The subtle illumination adds a captivating touch to the night sky. And puts a fine light on the moon.