Sleepwalker Shot Contains Deadly Chemical Phenibut – Class Action Lawsuit Alleges


However, the plaintiff argues that this is false because they contain Phenibut, which is not approved and authorized by the FDA. 

Therefore, the complainant argues that the company illegally sells products that contain Phenibut.

The class action lawsuit also claims that the company has not properly warned customers about the potential side effects and health risks of consuming the products.

The lead plaintiff complains that he purchased the product Sleep Walker because it claims that it can provide an energy boost. 

Nevertheless, the complainant attests that this is false, and he experienced the side effects of the product after consuming it, including nausea, fatigue, and dizziness.

He adds that aside from being unapproved by the FDA, there was no scientific evidence that consuming Phenibut can cause significant gains for consumers and be used in supplements. The substance was allegedly used as a recreational drug.

Duane Womack maintains that the regular consumption of Phenibut can also cause drug dependence.