Smith & Wesson Moves Headquarters to Tennessee


The president and CEO of Smith & Wesson also shared some public remarks about the company leaving Massachusetts for Tennessee. According to Mark Smith, reviewing the situation and taking into account the wellness of the company ultimately prompted this transition.

The greatest enemy of blue states

This new change made by Smith & Wesson is very telling. It also fits into a series of departures from blue states and arrivals to red states. All in all, the message is quite clear; the greatest enemy of blue states is their own policies.

Businesses don’t want to reside in states with oppressive regulations stifling their abilities to succeed. Most Americans don’t want to live in communities with crime, rampant homelessness, and depleted, defunded police forces.

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If the Democrat leaders running these blue states continue ahead with these policies, they’re only going to keep driving citizens and businesses away. Tennessee will gain hundreds of new jobs and many other resources, due to Smith & Wesson’s relocation.