SoCalGas Settles Aliso Canyon Gas Leak Lawsuit for $119.5 Million


Lane added that the settlement will help California meet its ambitious goals to fight climate change.

Settlement Will Fund Air Quality Improvement Projects

On the other hand, Becerra said the Aliso Canyon gas leak disrupted the lives of tens of thousands of Californians. The gas leak had a negative impact on their health and there is ”no excuse” for the incident.

“California is a leader when it comes to addressing climate change,” Becerra said. “This leak undermined our crucial work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and protect our people and the environment. If approved, this settlement will go a long way in addressing the short- and long-term harms attributable to the leak.”

Meanwhile, CARB Executive Officer Richard Corey stated that the settlement will address the needs of communities affected by the gas leak. It will also provide funding for a wide range of air quality improvement projects.