“Sound of Freedom” Brings Needed Attention to the Evils of Human Trafficking


Human trafficking is a worldwide problem that’s been on the rise for years. Sound of Freedom, showcasing the real-life origin story of former DHS agent Tim Ballard, makes viewers face this issue.

Despite human trafficking’s malignant nature, it still lacks the necessary attention from the general public. Meanwhile, human trafficking has already become more common than the illegal arms trade.

Unless something changes, it will soon outpace the drug trade, too.

Rescuing children from the clutches of monsters

Sound of Freedom features Jim Caviezel in the leading role, as he portrays Tim Ballard. Before Ballard founded anti-human trafficking organization Operation Underground Railroad, he worked for the Homeland Security Department.

While this work empowered Ballard to catch pedophiles, the children victimized by these predators and human traffickers still remained in bondage.

Sound of Freedom truly takes a turn when Caviezel’s Ballard comes across Lucás Ávila’s Miguel, a young boy taken by traffickers and later rescued at a port of entry into the US.