SOURCES: Microsoft Looking to Acquire Upwork


LinkedIn’s model is built on the 3rd industrial revolution, where you post jobs and then relocate workers to corporate HQ.  Indeed, there was a time when working in the office together was critical to a teams success.   This of course was before smart phones that enabled FaceTime, screen share software such as Snagit, major advances in CRM techology, and of course prevalent wireless high speed interenet.

With the acceleration of technology, the 4th industrial revolution enables people to work from wherever they choose to, often whenever as well.   Upwork is a monopoly in the freelance market, having created tools that enable you to rapidly identify talent.

In fact, the average time to hire someone using a tool like LinkedIn is 30 days, whereas the average time to hire someone on Upwork is less than 1 day.   Why’s that?   Upwork allows you to granularly target freelancers by their specific skill sets and instead of going through arduous (and often times inaccurate) reference checks.   By reading real reviews from previous clients, company’s can get a highly accurate view of the freelancers skill level.