SOURCES: Microsoft Looking to Acquire Upwork


Recently Microsoft partnered with Upwork to provide enterprise freelancer solutions to its clients.   According to sources, this was the first step in a possible acquisition of Upwork by Microsoft.

If Microsoft were to acquire Upwork, it could offer Upwork as a tool for all LinkedIn members.   Imagine how big that would be if LinkedIn members were available for hire instantly on Upwork, supplementing their full time incomes with freelance work or perhaps going full-time freelancer.

In 2016 Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for 26.2 billion (if Upwork were to get acquired for 20 billion, an investment of $100k today would balloon to over $1M).  Microsoft disclosed LinkedIn’s revenue rose 37% annually for the second quarter in a row, and totaled $1.46 billion. For comparison, LinkedIn’s revenue grew 23% in its last full quarter before it was acquired in 2016.

As the Dow Jones tanked on today, UPWK rose over 6% on hype over the new Microsoft partnership.