SpaceX and NASA to send a Mannequin named Campos to the Moon


But Arturo Campos’ had planned for just such an emergency. Campos was a talented electrical engineer responsible for the designs on the Apollo lunar modules. And he had a pre-written strategy ready when the unthinkable happened.

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His detailed directions were sent to mission control. And ultimately relayed to the astronauts. 

According to NASA, “The entire process took about 15 hours, and in the end, enough power was diverted from lunar module power sources into the emergency batteries of the command and service module to provide heat to the astronauts, assist them in their journey home. And enable them to land safely on Earth.”

“If it hadn’t been for the procedure Campos and his colleagues put together, it is likely the Apollo 13 mission would not be remembered as the ‘successful failure’ that it is today.”

Campos success

Campos was a trailblazer. His career spanned decades where there weren’t many Hispanics working for NASA. Throughout his lifetime he was an advocate and a mentor at NASA and in his community.