SpaceX Dragon delivers supplies to ISS


The first-stage booster B1061 has been used three times. And the launcher now has four missions under its belt. 

The landing in the Atlantic marks the 90th recovery of a Falcon first stage. SpaceX developed the recovery process with its first booster in 2015.

The CRS-23 cargo mission was delayed for 24 hours due to poor weather at the launch site. Space Force’s 45th Weather Squadron warned of the weather caused by Hurricane Ida’s direct hit one state over in Louisiana.

The robotic SpaceX Dragon was seen Monday morning by the astronauts at the station. And astronaut Shane Kimbrough tweeted out images of its approach.

SpaceX Dragon packed with supplies

Onboard is more than 4,800 pounds (2,200 kilograms) of supplies. And also lots of scientific experiments and hardware will be “unpacked” at the ISS. This is including a new robotic arm for testing in the Bishop Airlock.

As part of a technology demonstration, the robotic arm will flip switches and push buttons in an attempt to prove it has what it takes to carry out routine astronaut tasks.

Launch details

The latest SpaceX vehicle joins the Crew Dragon “Endeavour,” which launched on April 23. It arrived at the ISS carrying a crew of four US astronauts. It is not unusual to have multiple vehicles at the space lab.