Speaker Ryan Urges Chuck Schumer To Avert Government Shutdown


On Thursday evening, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan pressed Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer to steer clear of a government shutdown, as reported by The Hill.

Speaker Ryan’s Message To Schumer

Following the House of Representatives’ approval of a spending bill designed to keep the government functioning, the House Speaker delivered the hereinafter remarks:

Sen. Schumer, do not shut down the federal government. Do not jeopardize funding for our military and for our national security. Do not jeopardize funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. It is risky. It is reckless and it is wrong.

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Speaker Ryan then proceeded to affirm that if a government shutdown occurs, Democrats will be responsible for it:

I ask the American people to understand this: The only people standing in the way of keeping the government open are Senate Democrats. Whether there is a government shutdown or not is now entirely up to them.

The threat of a government shutdown continues to loom over the nation as a result of a dispute between Congressional Republicans and Democrats. While most Republicans are eager to halt a government shutdown, Democrats appear more concerned about minor illegal immigrants. Moreover, Democrats are pushing for legislation which will ensure that these young immigrants can remain in America. However, Republicans’ priorities remain with funding the creation of the Southern border wall.