Spotlight: Susan Sarandon Remains Anti-Hillary; Sees Her as a War Monger

Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon in Ray Donovan (2013) Credits: IMDb

Susan Sarandon is back on the spotlight with her political views particularly her anti-Hillary sentiment since the 2016 presidential election.

During a recent interview with The Guardian, the Oscar-winning actress discussed several topics including feminism and her role in the series Feud: Better and Joan. She also talked about the amount of hatred she received for refusing to support Hillary Clinton and speaking out against her.

In 2001, Susan Sarandon supported and campaigned for Mrs. Clinton for senator. However, she flipped and became a strong supporter of Sen. Bernie Sanders in 2016. The actress decided to endorse Green Party candidate Jill Stein instead of Mrs. Clinton.

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Susan Sarandon believes Hillary would be dangerous as president

Last year, the media quoted the actress saying, “She [Clinton] did not learn from Iraq. She is an interventionist, and she has done horrible things – and very callously. I don’t know if she is overcompensating or what her trip is. That scares me. I think we’ll be in Iran in two seconds.”  In other words, she perceives Mrs. Clinton a war mongering politician.