STUDY: Young Brits Considerably Worried About Growing Costs of Living


Around the world, the cost of living is a very real issue for countless individuals. People need to work hard to pay their bills, care for their kids, and otherwise stay afloat in an inflation-saddled economy.

Amid rising prices, many folks with more financial vulnerabilities remain nervous. They feel worried about potential layoffs, loss of worked hours, and their overall ability to keep up with the increasing cost of living.

Sadly, many people’s wages aren’t at all competing with climbing living costs or inflation. In the United Kingdom, this type of financial instability is putting a lot of young people on edge.

The study that says it all

Children’s Society, a British-based children’s charity, confirmed more than two million young people feel less threatened by environmental issues than they do the increase of living expenses.

On top of that, over 33% of young Brits harbor anxiety over their future financial status, given the current economy. Meanwhile, around 80% of parents in the United Kingdom believe rising costs will have adverse impacts on their families.