Supreme Ct. agrees with Highschool Cheerleader in 1st Amendment case 


This case has garnered public attention due to the concept of remote learning during the techno-pandemic. And also a heightened awareness of online bullying. The school district argued that Levy’s comments were bullying. And the courts resoundingly disagreed.

 The court was clear that the school could play a role in the case of bullying. And the ruling clarified when schools could act. 

Levy is now an 18-year-old college student starting her second year of college. 

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“I feel like it wasn’t only a win for me but it also was for 50 million other students. I was frustrated at the time, I was 14 years old, and I expressed my frustration the exact same way teenagers do today, and I feel as if young people need to have the ability to express themselves without worrying or being scared,” Levy responded to the Supreme Court ruling in her favor.