Suspect in Moscow murders pleads not guilty, trial date set


 Autopsies revealed defensive wounds on some victims, indicating a struggle, but no evidence of sexual assault was found.

Moscow murders shock college town

The small college town of Moscow was deeply shaken by the slayings, and initial statements from the police assured the community that there was no immediate threat. 

However, a surviving roommate later provided crucial information to investigators. She reported hearing crying on the night of the killings and witnessing a masked man in black clothes walking past her door. 

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The police used cellphone records, DNA evidence, and surveillance footage to link Kohberger to the crime scene. Surveillance video near the house captured his white Hyundai Elantra, and his cellphone data placed him in the area numerous times before the murders.

At the scene, more evidence against Kohberger emerged. Police found a knife sheath with his DNA on it, next to one of the victims. 

The investigation also revealed that Kohberger had made at least 12 trips to the Moscow home before the murders, according to his cellphone records. Police believe he was doing advance reconnoitering and planning prior to the murders.