Take Care of Maya: The Kowalski Family’s $260 Million Legal Victory


The Netflix documentary “Take Care of Maya” tells the story that played out in a Florida courtroom where Maya Kowalski and her family were awarded over $260 million in compensatory damages.

The verdict, delivered after an eight-week trial, found Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital (JHACH) liable for a series of actions that led to claims of false imprisonment, wrongful death, malpractice, battery, emotional distress, and fraudulent billing. 

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Take Care of Maya

Maya Kowalski, now 17-years-old, became the center of a nationwide controversy after being admitted to JHACH in October 2016 with a rare diagnosis: complex regional-pain syndrome (CRPS).

 She was 10 -years old at the time. She had been treated by the hospital 17 times for the complex regional pain syndrome. The hospital staff was skeptical of her mother Beata Kowalski’s insistence on high doses of ketamine for treatment. They accused Beata of child abuse. And decided Maya was faking her illness.