The Vampire Virus: A Bizarre Microscopic Revelation in the Virosphere


In the fascinating realm of microbiology, scientists have stumbled upon a remarkable and unprecedented discovery – the existence of what is now being dubbed the “Vampire Virus.”

In March 2020, scientist Tagide deCarvalho observed a virus with another, smaller virus attached to its “neck” under an electron microscope. This peculiar occurrence has raised eyebrows in the scientific community, opening new doors to the complex world of viral interactions.

The two viruses in question are bacteriophages, organisms that infect bacteria. Harvested from a clump of dirt in Poolesville, Md., these bacteriophages, commonly known as phages, are among the most abundant organisms on Earth. While scientists often encounter millions of them in a gram of dirt, the specific observation made by deCarvalho was a rare and unexpected event.

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