Tax Reform Mayhem: Republicans Dissent as Vote Nears in the House


“There’s other senators who themselves want to ensure that we’re doing something to strengthen our country relative to the deficits,” said Corker. He added, “I’m not a yes, I’m not a no.”

Republicans in the Senate can’t afford too many dissenting votes here. They have a razor thin majority. There’s strong possibility

What Do Americans Think?

According to Quinnipiac poll released Wednesday, 52% of American voters disapprove of the GOP tax proposal. Sixty-one percent of the respondents said the tax plan mainly favors the wealthy over the middle class. Only 36% said that the proposal would lead to job creation and wage growth.

Although the House and Senate bills are different that overlap in that they cut the corporate tax rate and adjust individuals ones. One area of major contention is deducting state and local property taxes from federal taxes. The Senate bill scraps state and local deductions, while the House keeps them in place.