TD Bank – Some Say Its America’s Most Inconvenient Bank

SHARE recommends calling 800-937-2000 and using a “skip the wait” feature so that TD Bank will call you back. However, if you’re dealing with identity theft, questioning weird charges on your account, or want to know why your bank card was declined, you may find waiting for the return call just as inconvenient as sitting on hold.

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Long Check Clearance Times for TD Bank Customers

What would you do if you deposited your paycheck and found that it had yet to show? According to TD Bank’s forum, TD Bank may allow the first $100 of a check to become immediately available if you make the deposit through a teller. However, new account holders (with an account less than 30 days old) are subject to a hold of up to ten days. However, in the same response (in the second paragraph), it states that accounts less than 90 days old will only have $100 made available on any deposit until the following business day.

While TD Bank provides mobile deposits for customers, you better make the deposit on a business day (and you better hope it isn’t a bank holiday) before 8:00 pm. Otherwise, you won’t have access to the money until the following business day.