TD Bank – Some Say Its America’s Most Inconvenient Bank


Moral of the story? If you have a new account, we hope you can wait up to ten days to access money you deposit. We also hope you don’t need more than $100 after a deposit is made when your account is past that 30 day limit.

TD Bank Customers Complain about App Crashes and Portal Downtime

Consumer Affairs rated TD Bank as one star out of five. Many of the complaints surround their apparently unstable app, portal downtime, and ridiculous hold times (as well as weird charges). John from New York, a verified reviewer, stated that he was locked out of his online account for five days and then waited on hold for almost an hour to speak with a rep. The rep couldn’t help him and he was transferred again where he was subjected to another hour hold.

Unhappy with TD Bank? You Have Options!

If you’re unhappy with TD Bank and their inconvenient practices, remember that you have options! Look for another bank that can meet your needs and take advantage of online websites like My Bank Tracker to get more information about the banks you’re interested in using.