Tech Workers insist on Continuing to Work Remotely


Tech leaders seem to be taking different approaches. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey says that his employees may be working at home indefinitely. And Cupertino-based Apple sent out an email to staff in June that it was time to get staff to show up at the office at least 3 days a week starting in September.

Apple employees circulated an internal survey arguing against CEO Tim Cook’s mandate. And explaining that 90% “strongly agree” that “location-flexible working options are a very important issue for me.”

 In a letter to Cook, the staff asks him to rethink the new policy. Since sixty-eight percent agreed “that the lack of location flexibility would likely cause them to leave Apple.” This was a veiled threat to leave Apple if they were unable to continue to work remotely.

With the rapidly spreading COVID delta variant any remote work decisions may be postponed. Apple now says the part-time return-to-work mandate will take place in October or November. And Twitter just announced it will be closing US offices that had just recently been partially reopened.