Tech Workers insist on Continuing to Work Remotely


Tech workers are some of the highest-paid people in this economy. But with the high cost of living in Silicon Valley and other places where Big Tech is headquartered, techies were feeling the pinch. Texas and Florida with no state income taxes had already become favorite destinations of tech workers.

The remote-work movement started before the pandemic. But in 2020, with the COVID-19 pandemic, all companies were forced to operate differently. And Big Tech immediately switched a large portion of their workforces to work-at-home. 

Now large segments of the workforce have been at home for well over a year. And much of the workforce has relatively high vaccination rates.

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Some companies think it’s time for thousands of these high-paid workers to come back to their offices. But some of them are balking. And they are negotiating to have a part-time work-at-home schedule.

Many jobs will continue to work remotely

Workers are pointing to studies that support the case that most employees are happier. And they are more productive when they work remotely.