Tech Workers insist on Continuing to Work Remotely


Megatech companies like Twitter, Apple, Google, and Facebook have been transformed by the COVID-19 pandemic. And they have all profited from it. But their remote workforces, many of them working from home for over a year, are not interested in returning to the office. In large numbers, tech workers now want to work remotely.

Some tech companies are convinced that it’s time for their employees to return to their offices. In the meantime, tech workers are resistant to physically commuting. So large numbers of tech workers are moving farther away from their offices.  And relocating to more affordable cities.

Techno-pandemic changed the world

Technology has always enabled some workers to work remotely. And influencers and trend gurus in Silicon Valley have been saying for years that going into a brick-and-mortar office would soon, no longer be necessary.

By 2019 housing prices were skyrocketing in California and New York. And traffic was only getting worse in  New York,  Seattle, and Los Angeles.