Ted Cruz Blasts Pelosi’s Mask Mandate for Lawmakers


Cruz later branded Pelosi as “drunk on power”; he also made a point of noting that the House Speaker is not within her rights to fine maskless lawmakers and threaten them with prison time for not wearing face coverings.

The Texas senator later called on House and Senate members alike to firmly and unapologetically stand for freedom. Cruz made clear that abuse of power cannot stand or be tolerated any longer. This applies to both Capitol Hill and the rest of the United States.

Putting an end to mask mandates in the country

As stated previously, mere hours ago, GOP lawmakers protested Pelosi’s mask order. Noncompliance ultimately plays a vital role in putting an end to mask mandates and other restrictions.

Without pushback and noncompliance, the CDC and Democrat leaders will continue finding reasons for new mask mandates and infringements. President Biden’s White House has already gone on record and stated they will support more shutdowns if the CDC wants them.

Biden himself also recently declared that the public should ready themselves for addition restrictions regarding COVID.