Teen Hacker Arrested for $600,000 Theft from DraftKings Accounts in a Credential-Stuffing Attack


In a tale of audacious hacking, an 18-year-old teenager named Joseph Garrison from Madison, Wisconsin, has been charged with orchestrating a sophisticated credential-stuffing break-in at the popular sports betting website, DraftKings.

The teenager’s hacking spree allegedly led to $600,000 being drained from hundreds of customer accounts.

DraftKings cyber security team played a crucial role in identifying Garrison as the alleged perpetrator of the credential-stuffing attack. 

Through the company’s investigation, they managed to repurchase some of the stolen credentials from the dark web. And ultimately traced them back to Garrison.

 Investigators found that the IP address used to sell the compromised account information matched the address associated with Garrison’s parents’ home, where he lives.

Credential-stuffing hack attack

Garrison allegedly purchased stolen log-in and password combinations from the dark web, using them to gain unauthorized access to approximately 60,000 accounts on DraftKings in November of last year.