Temporary Protected Status (TPS) Comes to an End


The once-existing Temporary Protected Status (TPS) appears to have reached its end, reports The Hill.

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An Overview of TPS

The TPS program came into being almost three decades ago. Its initial purpose served to help immigrants who came from countries that were devastated by innate or created disasters. While the original purpose of the program strived to help individuals who came from afflicted countries, concerns have risen nearly thirty years later.

The current administration notes that the disasters which once plagued various countries (such as Haiti, Nepal, Honduras, Sudan, etc) have now subsided. Therefore, the TPS benefits are no more for the majority of the program’s beneficiaries. At this point, the now-former recipients have between one year and a year and a half to seek out a new immigration status or return to their original countries.

However, current Chief of Staff Joh Kelly has expressed that TPS beneficiaries deserve a path to U.S. citizenship:

I think we should fold all of the TPS people that have been here for a considerable period of time. [We should] find a way for them to be [on] a path to citizenship.