Texas Democrats Catch COVID After Fleeing State to Stall GOP Voting Bill


Amid massive claims of voter fraud during the 2020 presidential election, Republicans across the nation have worked to ensure that all future elections are secure. To furthermore avoid claims of impropriety, conservatives are working to pass voting bills that make it harder to cheat.

Democrats aren’t fans of this at all. Democrats from President Biden on down are also claiming that GOP voting legislation is inherently racist and meant to stop minorities from voting. Meanwhile, Republicans are pushing back against these false claims.

Earlier this month, a group of Texas Democrat lawmakers left the state in order to stall the congressional proceedings of a GOP voting bill. This attempt failed, however, seeing as the Texas Senate passed the very legislation Democrats sought to block.

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Nevertheless, this political stunt did result in several of the Texas Democrats testing positive for coronavirus, despite having full immunization against COVID.

An unexpected turn of events

Texas Democrats jetted off to Washington D.C. earlier this month in protest against a voting bill from Republicans. This drew massive backlash, with Americans noting that these lawmakers get their salaries from taxpayers.

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas also wasn’t pleased or amused with the stunt that Democrats pulled. In fact, Abbott even stated last week that the lawmakers who fled the state to hold up legislation would face arrests, upon their returns.

Vice President Kamala Harris later met with the group of Texas Democrats. Like other leftists, Harris praised the lawmakers for leaving the Lone Star State; she even compared their behavior to that of America’s civil rights leaders from the past.

Amid news that several of these Democrats tested positive for coronavirus, the vice president will not go into quarantine. According to Harris’ office, she did not have direct contact with the individuals who later tested positive for the virus.

Holding lawmakers accountable

Many Americans are of the view that the aforementioned Texas Democrats should face penalties for their actions. People have pointed out that other folks don’t get to simply walk off the job and still get paid.

Others noted that Democrats would flip out if a group of GOP lawmakers fled a state to stall Democrat-led bills.