Texas GOP Governor, AG Stand by Executive Order Barring Mask Mandates


Several months ago, Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott took action to prevent widespread mask mandates in the Lone Star State. This action entailed passing the executive order known as GA-38.

GA-38 simply decrees that government entities in Texas may not implement mask mandates. The order barring mask mandates from government entities comes amid a nationwide debate on whether parents should determine if their kids wear masks in schools.

Some schools in Texas are looking to pass mask mandates anyway, following Dallas County Judge Clay Jenkins ordering schools, childcare centers, and other establishment to pass mask orders.

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Governor Abbott had some choice words about this; the same also applies to Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton.

A warning from the Texas governor and attorney general

Governor Abbott expressly stated that entities in breach of GA-38 will find themselves taken to court. The Republican governor furthermore made mention of the fact that government mandates cannot serve as replacements for personal responsibility.

Paxton shared a similar message also. The Texas attorney general mentioned in a public statement that previous “attention-grabbing” mayors and judges have attempted to override executive orders, only to be ruled against in court.

Shortly thereafter, Paxton confirmed that he believes the courts will once again side with the state of Texas and its executive orders on the issues of government entities and mask mandates. Thus far, school districts in Dallas, San Antonio, Austin, and Houston plan to implement mask mandates, despite the governor’s order.

Pushback against forced masking in schools

Republicans are largely supportive of parents who want the choice to determine if their kids wear masks in schools. There are concerns about government overreach and the social ramifications of kids having to wear masks.

Democrats, however, are largely in favor of schools forcing masks on kids. Leftists seem to have no regard for parents who believe this is a decision that each parent should make for their own kids.

Thus far, there are no COVID mandates that leftists have opposed or sounded the alarm on. Overall, the left-wing narrative on COVID is that any and all mandates should pass, due to the virus’ presence.