Texas Government Agencies Now Barred from Imposing Mask Requirements


There’s also more to Abbott’s executive order. The Texas governor furthered declared that after June 4, 2021, public schools throughout the Lone Star State may not require masks.

Governor Abbott stated on Tuesday the clear purpose of this executive order. Ultimately, it boils down to Texas residents making their own choices, rather than the government imposing mandates upon Texans.

Texans who feel more comfortable with face masks are, of course, free to continue wearing masks wherever they go.

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Zero coronavirus deaths

On Sunday, May 16, Governor Abbott reported zero coronavirus-related fatalities in the Lone Star State; this was a major milestone, one that Texas hasn’t experienced since March of 2020.

Since lifting the statewide mask mandate and other restrictions, Texas has done well. Governor Abbott maintains that Texans are receiving their vaccines, yet on a voluntary basis, not a compulsory one.

Last month, the Texas governor signed an executive order barring government entities in the state from issuing vaccine passport requirements. The executive order, at this time, does not extend to private businesses; moreover, the order has yet to be codified into law as Florida’s is.