Texas Government Agencies Now Barred from Imposing Mask Requirements


America is gradually shifting away from mask requirements. Days ago, multiple big box stores and businesses stated that they’ll no longer mandate fully vaccinated people to wear face coverings in their establishments; furthermore, these businesses are not pushing for customers to submit proof of vaccination either.

Many folks across the nation are tired of the masks. Since their inception, face coverings have engendered controversy; this controversy has only continued with time.

In light of multiple available vaccinations against COVID-19, more people are embracing the idea of throwing away the masks. On Tuesday, Americans learned that government entities in the state of Texas are now barred from imposing mask requirements.

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Phasing out face masks in the Lone Star State

Governor Greg Abbott of Texas signed an executive order on Tuesday regarding face coverings.

In this executive order, the Republican governor decreed that government entities throughout the state may not issue mask mandates. Furthermore, should these institutions attempt to require masks anyway, they shall incur fines to the tune of $1,000.