Texas Governor Hits Biden, Democrats for Misinformation About GOP Voting Laws


This comes as Democrats deem it racist and restrictive to require individuals voting absentee to request these ballots, rather than just having mass unsolicited ballots mailed out. Abbott also noted that Texas’ election bill provides much more early voting time than President Biden’s home state of Delaware.

Governor Abbott then revealed that Texas Democrats who jetted out of the state to stall the legislative process will face arrests, upon their return.

Partisan attacks against GOP-led voting laws

The Texas governor is not alone in pushing back against misinformation from the Democrat Party. Other Republicans are also standing up against the malicious, defamatory claims of racism.

Georgia Republican Governor Brian Kemp, for instance, has called out President Biden and other leftists who continue spreading misinformation. Some of Kemp’s latest remarks come after the Justice Department sued Georgia over the state’s election bill known as S.B. 202.