Texas Governor to Hire Any Border Patrol Agents Fired by Biden


In the United States, Border Patrol agents have a very tough job right now. Due to President Biden’s refusal to enforce America’s most basic immigration laws, migrants are pouring in at will.

Quite frankly, the agents at the border do not have the resources to handle the number of illegal immigrants coming; the United States, for the matter, doesn’t even have the resources to effectively deal with it.

It is for these reasons that conservatives and Republicans have been urging Biden and Harris to fix the southern border. This is also why 26 Republican governors in America wrote to Biden in a joint letter and requested a meeting.

However, as the situation at the U.S.-Mexico border gets worse, so does Biden. The president is now threatening to fire agents working on the border if they don’t take the COVID vaccine.

Biden’s vaccine mandate and the Texas governor’s reaction

In a nutshell, the president’s administration decided Border Patrol agents have until November 22 to get the coronavirus vaccine. If any agents still remain unvaccinated at this time, Biden will fire them.