Texas Moves to Crack Down Against TikTok


Furthermore, the governor believes that due to the important affairs conducted on government-issued devices and networks, the state can’t “underestimate” the negative impacts it could suffer from getting its wires crossed with TikTok.

This checks out. A key part of TikTok’s terms of service conditions involves giving the company access to each individual’s internet activity, along with major data harvesting.

Therefore, if TikTok remains unchecked on US government-issued networks and devices, the Chinese regime could easily access data pertaining to state governments.

Agencies within the Texas state government have until next Wednesday to implement measures that are in keeping with Abbott’s initiative.

Other GOP leaders in states like South Dakota and Ohio have reached similar conclusions about TikTok and the risks it poses.

Rising tensions with China

Over the course of this month alone, tensions between the United States and China have flared. Days ago, our country downed a Chinese surveillance balloon that was hovering over our airspace.