Texas Passes Vaccine Passport Ban into Law


Vaccine passports are not going to stand in states with GOP leadership. Last month, the Florida state legislature passed a law barring businesses and government from requiring vaccine passports. Should these institutions attempt to implement vaccine passports anyway, they will face fines to the tune of $500.

Conservatives remain widely against vaccine passports for a litany of reasons. Health privacy violations, the propensity for social control, etc., are just a few reasons why. Americans on the right can see that the only real purpose served by vaccine passports is control of others.

With the COVID vaccines readily available to anyone who wants them, there is no legitimate reason for vaccine passports.

Just earlier this week, Texas joined Florida in passing a statewide law barring businesses and the government from implementing vaccine passports or otherwise requiring proof of vaccination as a condition for service or entry.

A closer look at Texas’ vaccine passport ban

On Monday, Texas GOP Governor Greg Abbott published a video announcing the statewide ban against vaccine passports.