Texas Woman Gets Half A Decade in Prison For Unlawful Voting


A Texas woman is facing a five-year jail sentence after illegally voting in the 2016 Presidential election, reports Fox News.

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An Overview of the Crime and the Sentence

43-year-old Crystal Mason was sentenced to half a decade in prison earlier this week. State District Judge Ruben Gonzalez presided over her case; the aforementioned sentence followed after authorities learned that Mason voted while on probation. Mason had previously served jail time for tax fraud. Despite her release from jail, Mason still could not lawfully vote until the completion of her sentence, including probation.

However, during Mason’s testimony, she alleged ignorance of the aforesaid rule. Furthermore, the 43-year-old stated that she received a provisional ballot which did not inform her of the illegality of her vote. However, Judge Gonzalez maintains that Mason failed to read the affidavit she received prior to the ballot. The content of the affidavit clearly outlines the current voting requirements, he ruled.