The Bestiary Chronicles: AI-assisted comic book series 


AI-assisted art is making its way into the comic book world. The Bestiary Chronicles may be the first-ever comics series where the art was “inked” by AI.

The free-to-download comic books are available now on the Campfire site. And you can also get printed anthologies in softcover and hardcover.

Midjourney AI software created 100% of the art in the stunning 4-part science-fiction odyssey from New York-based Campfire Entertainment.

The AI-assisted images in The Bestiary Chronicles bring comic book art to another level. And Coulson turned to Midjourney to make it happen. Midjourney is an algorithm-based service that turns short text phrases aka prompts into images. The software scans massive databases trained on visual art by humans. 

According to the Campfire website, they “specialize in world-class participatory programs and immersive experiences that ignite fan cultures, encourage spread, and drive awareness.”

The immersive fan experiences include those for shows like Ted Lasso, Westworld, and Watchmen. And its founders are behind the Blair Witch Project franchise.