The Bestiary Chronicles: AI-assisted comic book series 


The Bestiary Chronicles is a science fiction cautionary tale about how monsters created by human arrogance with out-of-control technology hubris destroy the world. 

AI-assisted art with Midjourney

Writer and creative director Steve Coulson was excited about the project, “We’re seeing the rise of a completely new visualization tool that will radically change the storytelling process across both the comics industry and entertainment in general.” 

“By the new year, even the trained eye probably won’t be able to perceive an AI generation from any other,” Coulson added.

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In a CNET interview, Coulson describes the possibilities and the process as, “exciting and terrifying at the same time. But you can’t put the genie back in the bottle, so we’re embracing the future as fast as we can.” 

“The advances in AI image generation over the last few months have been exponential and mind-blowing. And this technology is only going to get better — faster than we can imagine.”

Two Midjourney upgrades can be tracked in the series. The advances in AI image generation from #01 Summer Island to #04 Exodus are obvious and a little startling. And each of the comics reveals a visual improvement.