The Coalition for App Fairness takes the fight to Apple


Spotify Head of Global Affairs Horacio Gutierrez said, “As enforcers, regulators, and legislators around the world investigate Apple for its anti-competitive behavior, The Coalition for App Fairness will be the voice of app and game developers in the effort to protect consumer choice and create a level playing field for all.” 

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“The basic freedoms of developers are under attack. We are joining the Coalition for App Fairness to defend the fundamental rights of creators to build apps and to do business directly with their customers. We are an advocate for any company that’s ready to reclaim its rights and challenge the anti-competitive behaviors that exist on app stores today,” said Epic Found and CEO Tim Sweeney.

ProtonMail has been in an ongoing public battle with Apple. Their CEO was recently lambasted by Apple for holding developers “hostage” with the 30 percent fee.

Basecamp has called Apple’s policies “exploitative” when updates to its Hey email app were blocked for using non-Apple billing techniques that Netflix uses.

Apple claims app developers are benefiting from the App Store

On Thursday, Apple published several pages on its website highlighting the benefits of the App Store, which hosts over 28 million developers globally and 1.5 billion devices across 175 countries.