The Flash #787 due out Monday introduces WAM a superhero Wrestling League


The preview issue begins with Wally West and his kids, Jai and Irey, watching TV. Only to see the morning cartoons interrupted by WAM commentators. 

Mean Beam Woodman and Justice Lawyer, discuss an in-progress match between intergalactic wrestlers Kriegmeister10 and Commander Powtower. 

When Wally discovers the mega match-up is happening downtown and is destroying the city. He races out of his house, as the Scarlet Speedster.

Superpowered wrestling 

All the wrestlers are lining up to take on WAM’s champion, Omega-Bam-Man. 

This is the first-ever appearance of super-powered powered wrestling in the DC Universe. And there are some never before seen wrestling moves like “cosmic elbows” and “power clutches.” 

Jeremy Adams got his inspiration from two wrestlers who are the writer’s close friends, Jim Krieg and Jeremy Padawer.

Superpowered wrestling is another variation of previous superheroes’ involvement in sports.

For instance, Superman has been in several boxing matches against his enemies. He entered the ring to fight Darkseid, and on another occasion, Harley Quinn.